Sulaiman Khateeb is a popular Deccani Urdu poet of humour and satire. He was born in Chitguppa (formerly Moinabad) district Bidar, Karnataka State, India in a Khateeb family. His father Mohammed Sadiq Khateeb was a sermon giver (Khateeb)in a historically important Adil Shahi Masjid of Bahamani Kingdom.

Sulaiman Khateeb was attracted to poetry right from his childhood. The picturesque village life of Chitguppa and the lilting Deccani folk songs inspired him to write poetry. Sulaiman Khateeb used his spoken word poetry to explore social justice issues. His poetry is marked by spontaneity of expression, beautiful metaphors and lovely similes. Dramatic turns and twists of his poems keep readers engrossed throughout.His collection of poems 'Kewde Ka Bann' has been published in Urdu, Hindi and Kannada. His Audio CD 'DHANAK' Poems in his own voice was released on Dec 22,2012.
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